Layered slate wine rack with deep veins which are exposed on the left hand side in a layered style fashion. The top has an unusual shape with deep crevasses, resembling some of the old disused mines in North Wales like Dinorwig.


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Dimensions260 × 180 × 870 mm

Welsh Slate





Layered slate wine rack with capacity for 8 bottles of wine fine or sparkling wine. Sawn base and core drilled using diamond tipped drill bits. Holes are approximately 90mm in diameter, the perfect size for storing both a standard size wine bottle and a slightly larger sparkling wine bottle. Smaller beer bottle or larger champagne holes can be drilled upon request. Please note this layered slate wine rack is not suitable for engraving as it’s too jagged and natural. This requires a cleaner, flatter finish. A recent example of this bespoke engraving is 5swr37.

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