Slate Gin Tonic Rack with 5 small holes for Tonic and 4 larger holes for Gin. Drilled in a linear fashion with a stunning central jagged top which looks just like a mountain.

Consistently grey in colour with the inside of the cored out holes being lighter. No ‘fools gold’ on this piece.

This slate gin tonic rack is quite a large rack and makes a real statement. This is by far my favourite piece in this range of Gin and Tonic racks.


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Dimensions260 × 165 × 540 mm

Slate Gin Tonic Rack with capacity for 4 Gin bottles and 5 Tonic bottles. Hand picked from a quarry in North Wales, famous for its mountains and rugged landscape. A mecca for walkers and climbers. Firstly, the base is sawn flat to make it nice and stable. Secondly, the slate is  then core drilled, the cores are then split and retained and recycled as coasters. Bases felted and oil’d to finish. Finally, the top has been carefully chiseled to reflect the mountains of North Wales.

Alternatively, if you do require something slightly bigger,  GT16 is very similar in style and presence. When asked to recommend a favourite Gin, I do love Conker Gin from Dorset. Great gifts for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings or special events. They can also be engraved for that personal touch. All engraving is bespoke work and carries a turnaround time of approximately 2 weeks. This may extend during busy periods. Other popular gifts on the website include these Champagne Coolers and more recently these coffee / wine table designs.

Slate is a great material that maintains a constant temperature which will chill your wine nicely. It doesn’t expand and contract like other materials. If you have any further questions about this curvy slate wine rack design then please contact us now. Please do remember that each piece of slate is different. I cannot guarantee the exact replication of any designs and I would not wish to.

Finally, if you can’t decide which rack to purchase then I would recommend a trip down to the workshop.


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