Stunning slate champagne cooler core drilled and hand chiseled to perfection. Place your sparkling wine, champagne or prosecco into the cooler and simply add ice.

These make a great table centre piece and can be engraved which makes them a popular gift. Each piece is totally unique.


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Welsh Slate





Hand picked direct from the quarry waste pile in North Wales, famous for its rugged mountains. Firstly core drilled out using diamond tips to a diameter of approximately 110mm. Secondly the edges are hand chiseled to give a rugged, mountain effect. A bottle of NYETimber would look perfect in this. Alternative popular gifts on the website include these coffee / wine table designs. Slate champagne cooler designs can also be engraved and make for great gifts for weddings, birthdays or anniversaries. Recent examples of engraved wine racks on a polished surface is 5swr37. Natural stone champagne holders are great centre pieces for tables in restaurants and corporate events. Large stock quantities available to accommodate bulk orders. Please note as I produce large numbers of these champagne coolers it’s impossible to photograph every piece individually. Textures, rivens and shapes will vary due to the nature of Welsh Slate.


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