Slate Gin & Tonic Rack GT16 is a mountain like display stand with holes drilled for 7 Tonic bottles and 4 larger Gin bottles. Consistently grey in colour with splashes of ‘fools gold’ iron pyrite, this mountain slate gin rack is quite large and will make a real statement in any home or commercial setting.


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Dimensions340 × 170 × 980 mm

Welsh Slate





Mountain Slate Gin Rack GT16 has a capacity for 4 Gin bottles and 7 Tonic bottles. Hand picked from a quarry in North Wales, the base is sawn flat to make it stable. The slate is then core drilled, the cores are then split and retained and recycled as coasters. Finally, the top has been carefully chiseled to reflect the mountains of North Wales. If you require something slightly bigger than this slate gin rack, GT9 is very similar in style and presence. When asked to recommend a favourite Gin, I do love Brecon Gin from Wales. Great gifts for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings or special events.

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