This welsh gold wine rack makes a stunning interior feature, containing not one but two bands of iron pyrite in a streaky fashion across the top of the wine rack.

The top of this rack thins out and thus not suitable for coring but I retained it as the colours in this look amazing. For proper Welsh Gold check out Clogau for a great range of Welsh jewellery.


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Dimensions150 × 170 × 750 mm

Welsh Slate

This is a beauty. 4 hole welsh gold wine rack with a quirky, colourful top and rustic venis running across. Sawn base and core drilled using diamond tipped drill bits. I then retain all the cores and more importantly re use them, splitting them down as coasters. Finishing them with oil and a felted base.

Holes are approximately 90mm in diameter. Smaller beer bottle or larger champagne holes can be drilled upon request. Therefore the perfect size for storing both a standard size wine bottle and a slightly larger sparkling wine bottle. This welsh gold wine rack is ideally suited on a kitchen worktop or at the end of a run of units.

However, this rack is unsuitable for engraving due to the thin angled edge. A recent example of engraving can be seen on this rack 5swr37 All engraving is bespoke work and carries a turnaround time of approximately 2 weeks. This may extend during busy periods. Other popular gifts on the website include these Champagne Coolers and more recently these coffee / wine table designs.

Slate is a great material that maintains a constant temperature and it will chill your wine nicely. It will not expand and contract like other materials. Please do remember that each piece of slate is different. I cannot guarantee the exact replication of any designs and I would not wish to. Finally, if you can’t decide which rack to purchase, I would strongly recommend a trip to the workshop where I have over 100 racks in stock.

Contact us now to commission your bespoke wine rack.

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