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Wine Blogs and Wine Influencers are becoming very popular these days and they’re growing their followers as people look for different avenues to explore and taste a wider range of wines.

We’ve listed a number of Wine Blogs, Wine Influencers and industry professionals that we follow and monitor to keep upto date on the Wine and Spirits industry.

Founded and run by Helen McGinn, the Knackered Mothers Wine Club is a very relaxed and informative blog covering many aspects and topics of the Wine industry.  We paticularly like the short, sharp and very reasonable recommendations of what’s in her fridge this week. Helen can also be seen on BBC1s Saturday Kitchen and ITVs This Morning

Website – Knackered Mothers Wine Club

Instagram – Knackeredmother

Jamie is the daddy of Wine Blogs and has been writing since 1997. He now travels the globe and touches on a range of interesting topics from sourcing to growing, he’s also written a number of books on the subject and regularly appears across a number of big TV Channels and writes for a number of leading Newspapers.
More recently during lockdown, both Helen and Jamie have teamed up and presented some delightful wine tasting session over on their IGTV Accounts.
Website – Wineanorak
Instagram – Dr Jamie Goode
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With a much wider view on the industry and a real must read is The Drinks Business. Very informative and you can soon lose a lot of time browsing through this website. There are a number of monthly features and topical stories covering Beers, Wines, Spirits and Champagne aswell as some pretty cool features such as highlighting the top Marketing Campaigns.

Instagram – The Drinks Business

Glass of Bubbly is an exciting online resource focusing on all things Champagne and Sparkling. We particularly like the Wine Infographics they publish on a regular basis covering the latest topics. You can also order wine direct from their website here which neatly illustrates the awards each one has achieved.

Website – Glass of Bubbly

Instagram – Glass of Bubbly


Glass of Bubbly Mag

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