Slate Wine Rack 4SWR116 is a very thick rack with a large angled edge which starts half way and extends all the way to a point at the top. This face is filled with ‘fools gold’ whereas the rest of the piece is natural slate grey.


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Dimensions190 × 180 × 580 mm

Welsh Slate





Slate Wine Rack 4SWR116 has a capacity for 4 bottles of fine wine. This is a thick rack with a very large angled edge which is full of colour. Holes are cored in a staggered fashion. These cores have been reused, split down and re used as coasters. Consistently grey in colour without any quartz lines or orange rustic tints which can be found in some pieces. If you like this Slate Wine Rack 4SWR116 design but want something bigger then check out 8swr66 which is our biggest slate wine rack ever drilled and currently in stock. This winning slate wine rack design would suit any style kitchen, at the end of a run of units or a worktop. If you have any further questions about this particular design then please contact us now.

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