Slate Wine Rack 7SWR47 is a 7 bottle capacity wine showcase with a staggered curvy shape and extended base. Consistently grey in colour with the inside of the cored out holes being lighter, this really is a stunning wine holder.


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Dimensions140 × 360 × 900 mm

Welsh Slate





Slate Wine Rack 7SWR47 is an absolutely stunning stand out rack with a capacity for 7 bottles of fine wine. This has a very rare shape to it. Normally the slate is quite straight and linear, but this piece has a stunning curve to it. Holes are cored in a straight line but the eye is drawn to the curve which extends out at the middle. An extended base makes this well balanced. Sawn base and core drilled using diamond tipped drill bits. Holes are approximately 90mm in diameter, the perfect size for storing both a standard size wine bottle and a slightly larger sparkling wine bottle. Pictured with award winning Langham Wine (please note no wine is included with the rack).

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