Slate Wine Rack 4SWR110 is a very compact wine holder with an angled colourful top, suitable for showcasing 4 favourite bottles. Predominantly grey in colour with splashes of bronze tones on the top.


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Dimensions150 × 120 × 630 mm

Welsh Slate





Slate Wine Rack 4SWR110 with capacity for 4 bottles of fine wine. This is a very neat and compact floor standing or worktop wine holder. Holes are cored in a linear fashion and have been split down and re used as coasters. If you like this Slate Wine Rack 4SWR110 design but want something bigger then check out 6swr163. This winning slate wine rack design would suit any style kitchen, at the end of a run of units or a worktop. If you have any further questions about buying a slate wine rack then please contact me via email, message or phone.

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