Slate Wine Rack 17SWR4 is a beauty with a natural angled top, rugged grooves and splashes of ‘fools gold’. Blocks of slate this size and quality are getting increasingly difficult to source in the quarry.


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Dimensions500 × 200 × 1015 mm

Welsh Slate





Slate Wine Rack 17SWR4 with capacity for 17 bottles of fine wine. This is a very unusual wide piece with 3 drill holes wide at the base as lumps of this size and shape are difficult to source from the quarry. Holes are cored in a mixed linear and staggered fashion. These cores have been reused, split down and re used as coasters. These are available on the website now. The bases are felted and oil’d to finish. Consistently grey in colour without any quartz lines or orange rustic tints which can be found in some pieces.

This slate has been hand picked from a quarry in North Wales, famous for its mountains and rugged landscape. It has then been sawn, drilled and dressed back in the workshop. Slate consists of unique properties which will keep your wine at a consistently cool temperature. It won’t expand and contract like other materials. All you have to do is ensure it’s regularly filled up.

If you like this Slate Wine Rack 17SWR4 design but want something bigger then check out 50swr1 which is our biggest slate wine rack ever drilled and currently in stock.

This winning slate wine rack design would suit any style kitchen, at the end of a run of units or a worktop. If you have any further questions about this particular design then please contact us now.

A sturdy floor is recommended however I can make up a slate base to be able to spread the weight evenly and prevent any damage to tiles. These make great gifts for wine lovers, birthdays, anniversaries and celebrations. They can also be engraved to add that personal touch. Please do remember that each piece of slate is different. I cannot guarantee the exact replication of any designs and I would not wish to.

Finally, if you can’t decide which rack to purchase then I would recommend a trip down to the workshop. By appointment.

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