Mountain shaped 11 bottle capacity slate wine rack

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Compact slate wine rack with capacity for 11 bottles of fine wine.

Hand picked from the waste piles at a quarry in North Wales, near Snowdon.

The base is sawn and the holes carefully core drilled out in a straight uniform fashion.

Holes are approximately 90mm in diameter. All the cores are retained and split down as coasters.

This is the perfect size for storing both a standard size wine bottle and a slightly larger sparkling wine bottle.

For something different, why not try a bottle from a local vineyard to us Hambledon Vineyard.

They also run very popular wine tasting events and vineyard tours.

With two columns for wine, this compact slate wine rack is a very popular size.

The top has a nice sloping ridge with a splash of colur which contrasts against the grey face.

Ideally suited on a kitchen floor due to the weight and interiors such as rustic vintage and modern contemporary style.

The edge is natural but really clean, so would be perfect for caring a phrase, names or dates for a wedding, an anniversary or celebratory event.

Approximate lead time is around 2 x weeks, but will be longer during busy periods.

Another rack similar to this style but slighty bigger is also available online 14swr11

Slate is a great material that maintains a constant temperature and it will chill your wine nicely.

It will not expand and contract like other materials.

Please do remember that each piece of slate is different. I cannot guarantee the exact replication of any designs and I would not wish to.

Finally, if you can’t decide which rack to purchase then I would recommend a trip down to the workshop where I have over 100 racks in stock.

Contact us now to commission your bespoke wine rack.



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Dimensions 260 × 140 × 850 mm