How to store wine at home

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Having recently read a number of articles on this topic, I’ve decied to create my own list of top tips on how to store wine at home. There are a number of key elements to consider when choosing a wine rack to store your favourtine fine wine. Hopefully you will find these key points useful in helping you decide.

How to store your wine at home

Wine must be stored at a consistent and adequate temperature. Too low and it will freeze, too high and this will accelerate the ageing process. It is recommended for short term storage around 13 degrees C / 55 degrees F. Never below 4 degrees C. A dedicated wine cellar to automatically control the level would be nice but way beyond most peoples budget. Slate makes a great choice as it’s able to withstand these temperature changes and remain constant. Slate does not expand and contract like wood does. Also, keep your wine in the dark as much as possible.

There is much debate around this but top Sommeliers recommend wine is stored horizontally so that the cork will remain wet and not dry out. If the cork dries out, oxygen will get past it and spoil the wine. All my wine racks are core drilled in a horizontal fashion which allows the bottle to rest elegantly in the curved hole.

When placing the bottles, try to store them so you don’t have to move one to get to another bottle.  You want to leave the bottles alone as much as possible. Vibrations can disturb sediments in the bottle, dirupting the ageing process. Slate wine racks are core drilled individually. There is no overlap and there’s an individual hole per bottle.

Keep it bespoke and unique.  Everyone can have a factory made, cheap, re-producable wine rack., but who actually wants that. I prefer something different, something that stands out and something that no one else can have. If you truly want a customised wine rack then why not get your wine rack carved or engraved with a message to celebrate a special event. This is the perfect gift for a winelover.  Contact us now to discuss your requirements.
The final step once you’ve decided on which slate wine rack is to then fill it with nice fine wine. One blog I regularly keep an eye on is Knackered Mothers Wine Club.

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