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I’ve been busy following a few trips to the quarries in Wales to source new stock. It’s a long trip but one I absoloutely love making. Spending time in the mountains and the fresh air re-energises and motivates me to keep producing these beautiful slate wine racks. I just wish these trips lasted longer but it’s difficult to fir these trips into an already hectic schedule.

There is a real mix in this latest batch, including single bottle champagne coolers and small 2 holers with sawn tops which I use for coffee / wine tables. A copule of small blocky pieces have some stand out features on including coloured quartz crustations on the top ledges. Please have a look at 4swr99. A number of curvy single width elegant wine racks and some seriously big 18 holers for winelovers. There’s also a new design in this batch 18swr2 with a carefully split top with the aim to display your favourite bottles.

Completion of this latest batch from the quarries in Wales takes my total stock levels of slate wine racks to well over 150 with a further 50 racks drilled from Portland Stone. There are no more trips to North Wales planned this year but I do hope to squeeze in a few trips to Portland to fulfil a number of private commissions. I do hope to target a number of events in the run up to Christmas.

A number of clients are already booked in to visit the workshop to see a number of these racks in more detail. I always encourage clients to come and visit as it’s so difficult to show the racks off with just a coupel of pictures. Viewing at the workshop is strictly by appointment only. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements and ideas for a particular design.

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