Piston Wine Holder Maserati Ghibli


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Dimensions330 × 150 × 20 mm

Welsh Slate





Bespoke Piston Wine Holder Design.

Crafted from a repurposed Piston and Conrod out of a 1994 Maserati Ghibli.

This is a design I’ve had in my head for a long time.

After bouncing some ideas around with a friend over a beer and getting some designs sketched up, I was able to get the tools out and start making.

I’ve been able to source a number of these with various components that are currently in the design stage.

Firstly it has been cleaned and degreased.

Secondly, meticulously powder coated with a stunning, protective chrome finish.

The rings have even been retained for completeness.

Thirdly, an insert has been milled out to millimetre perfection to fit in the big end.

A wine bottle or beer bottle fits perfectly. Further modification would be required to fit a larger Champagne bottle.

Although this is acheivable would take time to customise.

Finally, Slate base core drilled to mount the Piston securely.

Cut to length of bottle. Edges polished and Oil’d.

Dimensions approximately 330mm x 150 x 20.

The slate base can be carved and personalised with a message for a celebration or anniversary.

An example of recent engraving can be found here on my website.

Alternatively, a Maserati sign or badge can be mounted directly onto the slate.

This Piston Wine Holder design can be customised to your individual requirements.

The base can be made bigger and a serving tray incorporated if required.

These can also be personalised and used as trophies at custom car shows and events.

To discuss your requirements in more detail please contact me now.

Alternatively, come and visit the worskhop and see anumber of other designs. Strictly by appointment only.

Currently trying to source a number of old classic pistons so if you know of any please do get in touch.

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