Slate Wine Rack 12SWR16 is a shorter, wider style design core drilled in a uniform manner. Edges extend out slightly towards the top, which has been chiseled carefully to reflect the mountainous range of North Wales. The grey slate colour exaggerates the tones from this beautiful natural area. A great example of world famous Welsh Slate.


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Dimensions340 × 150 × 760 mm




Welsh Slate



Slate Wine Rack 12SWR16 with capacity for 12 bottles of fine wine, champagne or prosecco. This design takes up slightly more floor space than some of the slimmer designs due to the double width drilling. This has a nice natural mountain top. Sadly this does not come full of wine.

Sourced from the quarries at the heart of slate country in North Wales, UK. The cores, once removed are split down and used as coasters, felted, cleaned and oil’d and are available in packs of 4 on the website here.

If you like slate wine rack 12SWR16 but require something on a larger scale please browse our Large Slate Wine Racks category.

If you would like to commission your own unique design then please contact us via phone or email and we can work with you to source and create the wine rack of your choice.

All designs are available for collection from the workshop, but please contact to make an appointment as I am often out delivering or visting the quarry to restock on material.

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