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Location Location Location. It’s great to have a consistent product shoot and this works well for the website, however people don’t then get to see how a rack would look in its final location, all full up with wine. So I thought I would start to share and create a blog each time I receive a picture from a happy client. This will hopefully give people an idea of where they could place a rack in their house and help them to decide what does and doesn’t work.

This slate wine rack is approximately 1 metre in height and is a double bottle width at the base, reducing to a single width at the top. This paticular configuration works really well in the corner of a room with no restrictions on height. I do like the curved angle which draws your eye upto the top point of the slate. Both edges and rough and rugged.

The cored holes are approximately 90mm in diameter. This houses a standard bottle of wine easily and also a sparkling bottle of wine perfectly.

A similar style rack currently available on the website it 9swr11.

Alternatively, if you would like to discuss a similar but slightly different design, do not hesitate to contact me.


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