Wall Mounted Wine Rack core drilled from real Welsh Slate with a capacity for 6 bottles of fine wine. Please note this is core drilled precisely for screw top bottles only. The bottle tops fit exactly which keeps the wine bottle nice and level.


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Weight4.2 kg
Dimensions160 × 120 × 500 mm

Welsh Slate





Wall mounted wine rack made from slate, with capacity for 6 bottles of fine wine. Holes are cored equidistant in a linear fashion which keeps a safe width between bottles so there’s no risk of them touching and breaking. This slate has been hand picked from a quarry in North Wales, famous for its mountains and rugged landscape. It has then been sawn several times, drilled and dressed back in the workshop. The underside is polished to remove the roughness from the core breaking through, it is then finished with a gentle oiling. Holes are approx 30mm diameter which is perfect for standard size screw top wine bottles. Please note the *Villamaria Wine in the images is not included*

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