This is the biggest wine rack to date. 50 holes for storing your fine wine. Made from the world’s finest Welsh Slate. Sawn base enables this too stand upright, safely and securely. The edges and top are all rough and natural. There is currently a lot of interest in this paticular wine rack. If you would like to commission your own style then please contact us now.



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Dimensions600 × 180 × 1840 mm

Slate Wine Rack 50SWR1 core drilled from Welsh Slate. This slate was hand picked from one of my favourite quarries in North Wales, the home of the worlds finest slate. The toughest and strongest available. The cores that are drilled are all reused, split down and sold as coasters. These are available on the website here. I also make a range of small craft items such as place mats and candle holders, house numbers and house signs etc.

This is the biggest rack I’ve drilled out and is currently available for sale. My previous record was a 45 holer and can be seen in the gallery. Each piece is unique and crafted with care in the workshop. To commission your bespoke wine rack contact us now with your requirements. Over 200 designs currently in stock.

Some of the slate wine racks can be engraved and a recent example that has just sold can be viewed here. This can only be achieved or sawn or fairly flat surfaces. If the slate it too sharp and rugged then this is too difficult to carve and shape.

If you’re thinking of visiting the workshop then please call in advance to make an appointment as I am often out on the road travelling to quarries or delivering my designs to clients.

I also work with Portland Stone, which is a white limestone from Dorset. I can produce similar size racks out of this stone aswell. The largest Portland Stone wine rack is currently available here.


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