Ledge slate wine rack carefully cut and crafted out of a single piece of welsh slate. This design allows your favourite bottle to be displayed in an upright position thus making the label clearly visible.

This is by far the most time consuming design I create.  Each piece varies and the dimensions listed are purely a guide.  The key design principle is the ledge is the same height as the bottle so the top edge finishes parallel with the slate top.

I also produce these in Portland Stone.


Dimensions300 × 180 × 400 mm

Hand picked from my favourite quarry in North Wales, close to mount Snowdon.  Firstly carefully cut in the workshop, secondly polished down to a mirror finish. The ledge can be core drilled and a light added to illuminate the bottle from the base which looks stunning at night. This slate can also be carved and logos / branding added for publicity and events e.g. “Wine of the week”, “Gin of the week”.  Engraving possible on the flat face or on the ledge itself, either the base or the inner edge for a nice finish.

A great example of a recent engraving design is 5swr37 which is available on the website now. This slate ledge wine rack design was commissioned by the award winning Stone Gorge1908 Replicated many times using Portland Stone, maintaining the same key design principles. Other popular gifts on the website include these Champagne Coolers and more recently these coffee / wine table designs.

Slate is a great material that maintains a constant temperature resulting in a natural chill to your wine, therefore does not expand and contract like other materials. Please do remember that each piece of slate is different. I cannot guarantee the exact replication of any designs and I would not wish to. Finally, if you can’t decide which rack to purchase, I would strongly recommend a trip to the workshop where I have over 100 racks in stock.  Contact us now to discuss your requirements in more detail.

*Please Note – Image is of a previous design that was created and has been sold. These are all unique and individual*.

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