Slate Wine Rack. Elegant shape with holes cored in a staggered fashion.


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Dimensions310 × 110 × 800 mm

Curved slate wine rack with capacity for 6 bottles of fine wine.

Rare sloping curved elegant shape. These pieces are becoming increasingly difficult to source in the quarry as the slate is normally quite linear and blocky. Although this slate wine rack has a nice height, it is drilled in a staggered fashion as opposed to the normal popular linear designs. It also has a rolled edge with the slate sweeping over on the edge, which exposes more of the edge when looking from the front, this adds depth and character to the design.

Cored holes are approx 90mm diameter which is perfect for standard wine bottles and also larger sparkling wine bottles. All the cores are retained, split down and used as coasters. These are available for purchase on the website. Due to the rugged textures on thisĀ  curved slate wine rack, I would not recommend engraving this one. There is not enough flat space to get a good clear chisel mark into the slate. For engraving ideas please see the carved page.

If you require any more information then please do not hesitate to contact me or visit the workshop, strictly by appointment only.



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